DataFlow team at AI and Big Data Expo 2019
AI and Big Data Expo 2019 took place in Amsterdam on June 19-20. More than 350 Exhibitors, about 8500 attendees, and the only Russian company sharing its experience at the exhibition. It was totally worth it.
We know how to raise Unicorns :)
Our company got to a new level on the international market and proved to be an expert at this great event. Hundreds of meetings and discussions identified the high demand for Big Data, AI and predictive analytics solutions. All the companies, no matter what sphere they are from — medicine, manufacturing, telco, bankings, e-commerce, finances, etc.,— are looking for Data Analytics and face the same difficulties: "Everyone is talking about it but no one knows how to do it". We know how, and we're ready to share our experience:)

The event had a storytelling spirit — one presentation was exchanged by the another, and all of them were associated with the same idea: Data Science, AI, Big Data and Machine learning will rule the world.

We couldn't stay away and came to speak out too. The story about our experience in building Data Science team during a 30-minute solo presentation by Mariia Dubrovskaya resonated with the audience. At the end of her presentation, we had a Q and A session and shared its feedback about the same experience which was sometimes not too successful as ours.

Another DataFlow representative Igor Tevs took part at the Panel Discussion with such big players a Bayer and Truata. Igor shared our experience in using Big Data for customer-centric approach and told about the practical examples which showed why our company is worth trust. He gave the reasons why machine learning and analytics are the things of the future and how they help save and make money (In both cases, it means millions of dollars).

In the evening of the first day, everyone could enjoy the networking party where everyone could talk to like-minded people.

These two days went too quickly. And we want to say Thanks to the organizers cause everything was a great success.

PS: If you have difficulties with Data Science implementation, want to try predictive analytics or have the cases to share, contact us at - we will figure something out.